Association Ministry Team Meeting-PLBA Office

Monday- August 21 at 9:30 a.m.

August Birthday and Anniversaries


4     Mrs. Tiffany (Perry) Tripp, Pastor’s Wife, First, Sparks

9    Rev. R.J. Stokes, Pastor, Mt. Pleasant

12   Mrs. Peggy (Tom) Hall, Former Pastor’s Wife

15   Mrs. Amy (Jerry) Jackson, Pastor’s Wife, Morning Star

16   Rev. Gary Nickerson, Pastor, Hilltop

17   Mrs. Jan (Michael) Mitchell, Pastor’s Wife, First, Davenport

18   Mrs. Terri (Darrell) Sullivan, Pastor’s Wife, First, Wellston

21   Mrs. Jeannie Spear, Retired Missionary

23   Mrs. Holly (Monte) Dean, Pastor’s Wife, Aydelotte

24   Mrs. Sharon (Tuney) Ropp, Pastor’s Wife, Hillside

25   Dr. Russell Cook, PLBA, Director of Missions

31   Mrs. Alicia (Tony) Peak, Pastor’s Wife, First, Tecumseh



1    Rev. & Mrs. James Bond, Pastor, First, Stroud

2    Rev. & Mrs. Mike Collyer, 

3    Rev. & Mrs. Bobby Burnett, Retired Pastor

6    Rev. & Mrs. Mike Craig, Pastor, Temple

8    Rev. & Mrs.Chris Carr, Retired Missionary

8    Rev. & Mrs. Blake Martin, Pastor, Wallace Ave.

8    Rev. & Mrs. Darrell Sullivan, Pastor, First, Wellston

9    Rev. & Mrs. Russ Houser, Pastor, Cornerstone

12   Rev. & Mrs. R.J. Stokes, Pastor, Mt. Pleasant

15   Rev. & Mrs. Rick Blackwell, Pastor, First, Chandler

19   Dr. & Mrs. Paul Calmes, Retired Pastor

24   Rev. & Mrs. Anthony Rhone, Pastor, Galilee

26   Rev. & Mrs. Jerry Jackson, Pastor, Morning Star

26   Rev. & Mrs. Bob Spear, Retired Missionaries