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July 28, 2016, 12:00 AM

A Nugget From My Spiritual Journey...August 2016

   This year I helped rock babies in the nursery at Vacation Bible School, allowing their mommies to work in other areas! As a child I anticipated VBS with great excitement. We had no “thematic” curriculum and décor. But, there was great excitement in the air as we all lined up outside daily in age groups, ready to march in when the pianist began to play. Leading the march were the fortunate children who were chosen to carry the American flag, the Christian flag, and a big, black Holy Bible. After filing into our pews, we reverently pledged our allegiances to each flag and the Bible, with our hands over our hearts.  We sang special patriotic songs and songs of commitment. Daily there was other music to learn and a filmstrip story of a “real live missionary” serving somewhere around the world. The Pastor shared the Gospel and children were saved. Heartfelt offerings to missions were given, with no “competition” even considered. Bible stories in our classes, crafts and Kool-Aid™ with homemade cookies rounded out the day. A favorite craft for one age group was elbow macaroni glued onto cigar boxes and spray painted gold to make treasure boxes. I often wondered where our Baptist church got all of those cigar boxes every year. Family Night, always Friday night, was almost a community event!

   At about age 12 or 13, I became the Church Pianist—thereby, the one playing the music in the opening exercise. I continued that as an adult in many churches, but also began to teach classes or direct the VBS. I have taught other teachers in VBS Clinics. I have spent my life ministering in many ways that were partially inspired by my childhood years in VBS—hearing and memorizing God’s Word, learning about missions, and having the principle of Christian patriotism ingrained into my heart and mind. Now rocking babies brings the joy of cuddling them and getting acquainted with other workers of various ages. One day I was struck with the “community of women” there in that nursery room, doing the age-old ministries of gently assisting babies and mentoring one another, woman-to-woman. May it continue on for generations to come! Deuteronomy 6:4-7

      Marsha Cook


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