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Since November 2007...                       

108 Associations, churches, organizations and individuals have registered to participate in OK.
2735 blankets have been reported as distributed since November 2007


is a volunteer ministry of love and life by the women in Southern Baptist churches across Oklahoma to those who are hurting or in a time of special need in their lives.

* We value Holy Scripture as the inerrant Word of God.
* We value the sanctity and worth of ALL human life.
* We value the love of God demonstrated through the gift of the life of His Son, Jesus Christ.
* We value the salvation of lost people.
* We value the encouragement to Christians in times of special needs in their lives.

"I chose you before I formed you in the womb..." Jeremiah 1:5

"Blanketing the State with Love and Life"

We envision hundreds of women from churches across Oklahoma producing handcrafted blankets for persons in need of God's love and life and in need of knowing He values ALL life.

We envision the day when expectant mothers across Oklahoma, especially those who are assisted through faith-based crisis pregnancy centers, would receive a blanket as a reminder and affirmation of the preciousness of the pre-born life within her body.

We can also envision the day when countless persons across Oklahoma would receive a blanket at times of special need in their lives and who may need the message of the love and life of Jesus Christ. These may include persons who are residents in children's homes, care facilities for the mentally or physically handicapped, rehabilitation centers, residential care facilities for the aging, centers for abused women and children, mission centers for the homeless, those recovering from a time of disaster, or any such needs.

We envision that every blanket that is given will have a label attached proclaiming the love and plan of God for each life and that it will be accompanied by a Gift Card presenting the clear message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how one can receive the gift of His love and eternal life.

BLANKET THE STATE MINISTRIES will have a Director, an Assistant Director and five (5) additional women to serve as an Advisory Council. These women will be selected from Southern Baptist churches across the state of Oklahoma and will all serve on a voluntary basis. They will each be expected to embrace the Ministry Statement in belief and in action. They will be enlisted by the Director to serve.

This volunteer ministry shall be funded by contributions from interested individuals and/or groups, such as Sunday School classes, missions organizations, local churches or associations of churches, or other interested groups. Individuals may request an annual giving record for charitable giving purposes.

Purchase of fabric and supplies will be the responsibility of the individuals or groups which actually produce the handcrafted blankets. The required sew-on labels and Gift Cards for each blanket produced will be made available by request (see PROCESS below) and will be funded by contributions.

All necessary monies will be channeled through and accounted for through a designated “BLANKET THE STATE MINISTRIES” fund established with the Pottawatomie-Lincoln Baptist Association, officed in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Anyone wishing to contribute to the ministry may send checks payable to POTTAWATOMIE-LINCOLN BAPTIST ASSOCIATION, 3800 N. Market Avenue, Shawnee, OK 74804, with BLANKET THE STATE MINISTRIES designated in the memo line of the check. Giving records may be requested by letter.

Contact BLANKET THE STATE MINISTRIES by phone, email or download from to obtain:

a. A copy of the Ministry Statement (opens in Adobe Reader).
b. A copy of the suggested pattern and list of suggested supplies for Easy Fleece Blankets (opens in Adobe Reader).
c. A copy of the Project Report Form -- to be filled out with each project -- (opens in Adobe Reader).
Contact BLANKET THE STATE MINISTRIES by phone or email to register your intent to participate.
Identify a facility that ministers to needs in your local community or a nearby one. Contact that facility to inform them of your desire to provide this ministry to their clientele or residents. If they are interested, arrange the best method possible for an ongoing delivery of blankets to the facility or individual for their use. The blankets are meant to become personal property of those using their services-not property of the facility or its employees. The blankets are never to be sold by anyone, anywhere.
Identify a local store/vender where the fabric and other supplies may best be purchased. If you purchase the fabric and supplies as a tax-exempt group (i.e. a church or association), ask if the store would also provide a discount. Individuals would do well to watch for seasonal sales.
Identify persons or groups who may be willing to provide local funding for the fabric and supplies.
Organize and hold at least one training meeting to teach women about the ministry and how to make the blankets. You may wish to meet regularly and work together. You may wish to include a time of Bible study and fellowship as a regular part of your women's missions and ministry groups.

Contact BLANKET THE STATE MINISTRIES each time you have a group of blankets completed:
a. Report how many blankets you have completed
b. Report where you plan to deliver the blankets
c. Request the number of sew-on labels and Gift Cards you will need.

Sew-on the labels. Pack each blanket and its Gift Card in a 2 1/2 gallon clear plastic zipper bag. You may want to mark on the bag's label the name of your organization (example: A Gift for You from THE WOMEN'S MINISTRY of First Baptist Church, Anywhere, Oklahoma).
Pray for the recipients of every blanket you make and distribute! If you do not have a local place to accept the blankets, call us for ideas of locations that may need them.

Director: Marsha Cook

Permission is granted to photocopy the "BLANKET THE STATE MINISTRIES Ministry Statement" and the pattern suggested for the handcrafted fleece blankets. Other styles of blankets or quilts may be made, but only those bearing the standardized label and accompanied by the standardized Gift Card may be distributed in the name of "BLANKET THE STATE MINISTRIES." Blankets distributed without the label or Gift Card are not considered tio be given by an individual or group endorsed by "BLANKET THE STATE MINISTRIES." Labels and Gift Cards are available by request and require reporting information at the time of the request.







































































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