Ministry Purpose

To enable the churches to fulfill their unique mission of instructing, training, enriching, and enabling men, women, and children to recognize, acknowledge, and commit to the biblical model of family and provide channels for cooperative family ministry (Ephesians 5:21-6:4).

Team Director - Monte Dean


The Family Ministry Team has served PLBA churches by equipping, encouraging, and engaging the churches and families to make disciples.

This year we offered the “What Now?” Family Conference. This was a conference that responded to the overwhelming need for clarity in our rapidly changing and often confusing culture. We need the stabilizing and energizing word of God to direct our actions toward His glory always. Our subject matter included.

An expository message on our key text (II Peter 1:12-13) - Dr. David Gambo

Having The Talk - Equipping parents to initiate rather than react to conversations about gender and sexuality. - Dr. Brian Camp

I Don’t Understand - Understanding and ministering to teens experiencing mental, relational and emotional hurts. - Trisha Robertson Webber

We’re Not Talking - Equipping families to initiate conversations when forgiveness is needed in marriage, parenting and extended family - Dr. Shawn Crawley

We’re Stuck with Each Other - Equipping couples to take care of each other and their relationships when everything else is uncertain. - Larry Roberts,

LMFT The New Alphabet - Equipping families to keep the Gospel central while engaging in LGBTQ+ conversations. - Dr. Allen Bandy

We’re Connected - Equipping families to address technology use, abuse, and dependence in a hyper-connected world. - Jeff Digiacomo


Family Ministry Team

Men's’ Missions and Ministry - Vacant

Women’s Missions and Ministry - Vacant

Youth Ministry - Weston Young

Christian Life & Ethics - Wanda Hill

Marriage and Parenting— Shawn Crawley

Each team member is available to PLBA churches as a resource for consultation, education, or support within their areas of expertise. 



  October 2020  
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