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Welcome to the Pottawatomie-Lincoln Baptist Association website. Your interest in this ministry is really appreciated.

Our purpose is to glorify God by enabling each church to fulfill it's unique mission for Christ and provide channels for cooperative ministry. The association is focused on church planting through partnership Missions and church revitalization through training and consultation.

As you "click through" this site, please pray for God's favor upon each aspect of our work. And let us hear from you, if we can help you fulfill Christ's Great Commission.

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A Word of  Encouragement from our

Director of Missions

   We are right in the middle of a very busy summer with the Convention, camps, Vacation Bible School, mission trips, vacations(?), plus the week-in, week-out needs of the church. Seems with every year the time goes by faster, the schedules get fuller and the nation drifts farther away from God. What do you suppose we are doing wrong-or not doing right-or not doing well-or not doing at all? We all have our own assessment, I’m sure. But I’d like to offer mine-my assessment as to why the church is so busy yet the nation is still drifting into spiritual darkness.

   The church may be busy at the wrong-or secondary-things. When Jesus first commissioned the early church (Mt. 28:18-20, Acts 1:8) He fully expected His followers (disciples) to take it seriously. In Acts particularly, He preserved for us the experiences of the early church. There we see how seriously those first missionaries, pastors and church members took the Great Commission. Literally, thousands upon thousands of unbelievers repented of their sins and surrendered their lives to Christ. So powerful and broad was the witness to the gospel that no one in the population could escape it. Today, in most of our communities (cities, towns and rural areas) it is way too easy to live without anyone intercepting the drift away. We desperately need more pastors and church leaders to stand up, stand firm and stand out in every sinful shadow of every community and let “the light of the glorious gospel of Christ,” shine unto them. (II Cor. 4:4). No longer will mediocrity or status-quo or passive indifference fill the bill.

   Our mandate from Jesus has never changed and our responsibility and accountability has not changed. We must re-engage, re-enlist and re-commit to the GREAT COMMISSION. You may be the key person to show your church what this devotion looks like. So today...surrender all, again, today! A very dark nation (and world) awaits us.

Encouragingly Yours, Russell R. Cook




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